Note to students

Registration Day

Students are required to visit the registry at the university in person as part of the registration process. They should present the registry with original copies of their certificates. Any student who fails to register at the registry in person may be disqualified.


Choice of Hall of Residence

Students may choose to live in the hall of residence near the school campus (since most of the flats or rooms are reserved for the local students, overseas students are advised to apply once the offer is confirmed and when accommodations are still available). Students could also choose to rent studios, hostels, or flats that are more flexible. Some students may prefer to stay at a home stay in order to assimilate into the culture.



Part Time Job

Some countries may not allow students with visa to work part time. Students should have clear understanding of their visa restrictions before departure. For example, only full time university students with minimum 6 months of stay in the UK are allowed to work part time for no more than 10 hours per week.


Opening Bank Accounts

Overseas students could bring their passports, visas and address proofs to open bank accounts for parents’ convenience to send bank drafts or cheque for school fee or daily expenses. (Some banks may request for student’s or parent’s bank saving information, please confirm with the bank in advance for documents or certificates required)



Our education consultant could advice students in choosing insurance details or items, or they could pay for overseas insurance for protection at school.


                       Elite Education Guardianship

 Most of the overseas schools require guardianship for students under the age of   18 as local emergency contact.
 There arsufficient and experienced guardians in Elite overseas support centers   to keep     contact with students and parents and maintain positive relationship.   They provide full and   trusty support to parents and students with their clear     understandings of local schools.

Students could consult Elite Education consultants for our guardianship services before the start of academic year. Our consultant would provide and arrange suitable services according to student's needs, school and boarding locations. The consultant fee varies across services and Elite Education hopes to match every student with the most desirable guardian.