HK International Schools

Elite Education is a one-stop education solution
to you child's admissions in a goog Hong Kong International School,
whether you are relocating to the metropolis of Hong Kong
or looking for a better education path.

From school communication to one-on-on parent and student interview training,
our tailored service is here for you every step of the way.

Our international school experts look beyond gaining admissions,
the perfect combinations of curriculum, campus and resources
in our pursue of excellence and bestfit.

The 2-year education and application package includes...

*      Student and parents' initial evaluation with detailed assessment
*      Student's profile analysis
*      Customized application timeline(s) and strategies
*      Arrange official private school tours

School Selection
*      Conduct information session regarding potential best-fit schools' curriculum, culture, structure, tuition fees, and matriculations
*      Advise on school debentures, annual capital levy, and other application strategies
*      Elite Education school communications (including communications on behalf of the parents)
*      Customized student profiles*

*      Mock written assessments*
*      Mock student and parent interviews*
*      Student interview training and comprehensive feedback reports*
*      Parent interview training*
*      Recommendation letters support*
*      Elite Education school communications (including communications on behalf of the family) with current and applying schools
*      Parent and student application essays support*
*      Submit schools up to 10 applications (customized if needed)
*      Elite Education application cover letter
*      Advise and review on school availability and applications strategies
*      Advocate on behalf of the family
*      Translation to English (for applications materials)
*      Schedule student and parents' school assessments
*      Ongoing support through the entire application process
*      Advise on final school selection
*      Ongoing school enrollment support
*      Student review one month after school starts

Customized Add-ons
*      Accompaniment to school tours
*      Accompaniment to school assess­ments and interviews
*      Flexibility on meeting locations
*      Education planning
*      English language training:
*      Basic Oral English
*      English Writing
*      English Debate
*      Other overseas education applications
*      Other overseas internship placements
*      Arts and sports specialty profile