Overseas Boarding Schools

In many societies and culture, boarding schools are the most elite educational option.

How to Prepare Application?

- Know your aims.
- Book a consultation session with our experts and get an insight of the personalized application process.
- Plan a timeline with our Elite Education experts.
- Discuss your dream schools and know what they are looking for.
- Draft your personal statement with the help of the Elite Education training.
- Practice your interviews (if applicable) with our teachers and meet them regularly to make sure your = application is on track!

What Elite offer

In Elite Education, we try to know the students and identify each family's needs before jumping into the application process. We put our students' well-being first, this way we find the most suitable education paths for our students. We analyze from different countries to what suites our students' personal characteristics for our families so that every decision they make with Elite Education is a well-informed decision as well as the best education path for the students.
Interview and Personal Statement Training
In the complicated and competitive application process, how do you stand out from other students? With Elite Education, we provide one-on-one personalized coaching on both written responses and interviews. It's not just about writing your interests and hobbies down anymore, it's all about how unique each of our students is!
School communication is an extremely crucial part of the application process, but how do you reach out to the schools at the same time sounding perfectly unbiased? That's why we are here to help! Elite Education helps you, recommend you, and communicate for you in a professional and experienced way to make sure that our students stand out from the crowd.